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RPG Vault interviews Paradise Cracked crew

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RPG Vault interviews Paradise Cracked crew

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 26 October 2002, 20:54:52

Tags: Paradise Cracked

RPG Vault has snagged themselves an interview with MiST on their up and coming tactical RPG, Paradise Cracked. Here's a snip:

Jonric: To start off, how would you summarize Paradise Cracked and your primary objectives with respect to the design concept? Why do you classify it as a tactical RPG?

MiST land: Paradise Cracked combines a tactical game with elements of role- playing. The action takes place in the futuristic world of cyber-utopia. Most of the gameplay is turn-based tactical combat, and that is why we call the game tactical. But, apart from combat, there are NPCs who give you information and quests; there are playable characters, each with a set of parameters (strength, intellect, dexterity, etc.), which can be improved in the flow of the game by gaining experience and getting new levels; there is a huge game-world to wander about. And because of these things we call the game an RPG.​

Did I hear turn based? Whoa nelly, do I love me those Ruskies!

Spotted this over at VoodooExtreme.

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