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Davie Walgrave does a 2004 wrap at HomeLAN Fed

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Davie Walgrave does a 2004 wrap at HomeLAN Fed

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 29 December 2004, 15:13:16

Tags: Larian Studios

HomeLAN Fed offers up a 2004 wrap up interview with David Walgrave of Larian Studios. They're the guys who made Beyond Divinity, by the way. Anyhoo, here's the disappointment question:

HomeLAN - What video or PC game that was released in 2004 that you played was the most disappointing and why?

David Walgrave
- I'm not going to name names, but a lot of games these days aren't challenging anymore. You don't need "skills" or practice anymore, just a lot of time to go from point A to point B (unhindered) and then the game ends. It's as if they forgot to implement a "Game Over" screen, and a lot of games aren't replayable because of that. People are always talking about how long it takes them to finish a game. I'd rather see people talking about how long a game still lasts after you've finished it. Working for a developer though, I do see the pro's and con's of both types of games...

So, errr.. What kind of skills should a CRPG require of a player?

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