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Commie CRPGs examined at RPG Vault, pt. 1

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Commie CRPGs examined at RPG Vault, pt. 1

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Thu 13 January 2005, 19:30:04

Tags: Burut Creative Team; Golden Land

RPG Vault has posted the first part of a series of articles that look at RPGs currently in development in the former Soviet Bloc. Some games we've heard of--like CD Projekt's The Witcher or Burut's Golden Land are mentioned, but it's mostly virtually unknown games that will probably never get released. Here's what they have on an alleged Golden Land sequel.

While we've seen nothing to indicate the status of development, Burut seems to have a sequel in the works. Among the stated features, a few of interest are a highly interactive world with four varied countries inhabited by hundreds of characters, several schools of magic, multiple solutions to many quests and challenges, and an estimated 75 to 120 hours of playing time.

Release status: To date, we have no information whatsoever. Since Burut has other projects that have been signed, this one may well be on the back burner.​
Riveting! Now if only more than 5% of Russian games had a chance of being both good AND getting released in English, we'd be getting somewhere!

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