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Konung II Brutally Bad Says Game Over

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Konung II Brutally Bad Says Game Over

Review - posted by Exitium on Thu 27 January 2005, 03:22:50

Tags: Got Game Entertainment; Konung 2

Got Game's recently released budget fantasy themed CRPG Konung II is the subject of intense loathing at Game Over, with landing only a worse-than-below average score of 41%. Here's the juice:

In the press release that Got Game Entertainment sent me along with Konung 2: Blood of Titans, they said the new role-playing game was “value-priced,” so I wasn’t expecting anything great. I wasn’t expecting a sophisticated orchestral score, or amazing cinematic sequences, or to recognize the names of the voice actors, but I was expecting a game that at least worked. Konung 2 barely passes that weak standard, but not by much, and I gave up playing it after about 10 hours, when it became clear I was wasting my time. Konung 2 is just brutally bad, and it doesn’t succeed in any area.​

If the game is crap, why even bother to release it?

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