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RPGVault gets a crack at Seal of Evil

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RPGVault gets a crack at Seal of Evil

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Thu 24 February 2005, 23:08:03

Tags: Object Software; Seal of Evil

RPG Vault have had some time to play with Object Software's Seal of Evil and offer their impressions.

Seal of Evil begins with a scripted scene wherein a Qin general demands the surrender of East Baiyue, which is, of course, rejected. Both Lan Wei and Liang Hu enter during this sequence. When it ends, you're given control of them in their home, Cloudrose Village; there's no character creation or customization. Pressing the C key shows you that the attribute system is based on the five elements. Metal influences attack and the power of related abilities. Wood is tied to health points and rate of recovery, while Water fulfills a similar role with respect to magic. Fire affects strike rate and dodging, while Earth impacts defense.​
They forgot heart. Gooooo Planet!

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