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Obsidian Forums Stay Up

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Obsidian Forums Stay Up

None - posted by Exitium on Wed 9 March 2005, 15:07:13

Tags: Feargus Urquhart; Obsidian Entertainment

Due to the enormous amount of fan feedback, Feargus Urquhart has decided to keep the Obsidian Forums alive, with more correspondence from the developers and a community manager, but with stricter protocols in place to keep the peasants in line.
Hi everyone,

After talking about it quite a bit and listening to what a lot of you have had to say about the forums we've decided to keep them up. We are going to start looking for a permanent community manager and we are also going to try to be more of a presence on the boards.

We are also going to make some changes to the number of forums, plus have the moderators be a little more strict when it comes to closing, deleting and banning. We still want to have the forums be fairly free form, but we are going to deal a little more harshly with posts and posters that are clearly out of line.

Thank you for all your e-mails and the support you've given us on KotOR2 and our past incarnations and products.


Feargus Urquhart
Obsidian Entertainment, Inc.

I suppose this means that the majority of the userbase will find themselves without a home anyhow.

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