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Avernum 3 preview at PC GameWorld

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Avernum 3 preview at PC GameWorld

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 3 November 2002, 01:42:37

Tags: Avernum 3

I'm not sure why this is a preview, when Avernum 3 has been out for a while now, but that didn't stop PC GameWorld from writing one up.

That's good, because it needs more coverage. Games like these live by word of mouth. This preview certainly does that, and I agree that it's a fantastic little game. Here's part of the love:

After a few hours I realized I should get something to eat. Several more hours passed before nature’s call started ringing my bell louder than a preacher on Quaaludes on an all night Denny's binge. Can I get an amen? After a few more hours my eyes were glazed, my brain was working again and I had a bladder cramp that would make an eight and half month-long pregnant woman proud.

I was addicted.

This simple little game had taken over my day. I locked the door, grabbed some grub and perched in front of the computer again. The night wore on as I explored this incredibly deep game. My initial reaction to facing a game that had a budget less than a cool million was now well tucked away. The shallow gamer inside me had stepped out for a smoke and never returned.​

That's right, people. Avernum 3 is like crack. I just ordered my copy Thursday. Run screaming and check it out!

Spotted this over at VE.

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