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Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows Q&A on CGM

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Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows Q&A on CGM

Interview - posted by Exitium on Tue 29 March 2005, 19:52:23

Tags: Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows; Josh Sawyer; Midway Games

Computer Games Magazine has a Question & Answer feature with the developer of Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows, Josh E. Sawyer on his upcoming RPG remake of the classic Gauntlet game.
Computer Games - In addition to the basic gameplay, will Seven Sorrows have and winks and nods to previous games in the Gauntlet series?

Josh Sawyer - Definitely. The most obvious will be the inclusion of the “narrator voice”, which is a tradition going back to the very first Gauntlet. We don’t use food in to regain health in Seven Sorrows, but most of the old lines (and some new ones) will be in our action-oriented advance mode. The gameplay elements include things like generators, Death, super attacks (which we call “class skills”), and so on.

Computer Games - What can you tell us about the storyline for the game?

Josh Sawyer - The story starts about two centuries after four immortal heroes conspired to assassinate the all-conquering Emperor Yupanqui of the Urcointi Empire. The magical tree to which they were crucified mysteriously collapses, setting them free. They seek out the emperor only to find that he has used magic to prolong his life. Wracked with guilt over seven acts of cruelty, the emperor is attempting to merge himself with the energy of the world to bring back his murdered lover. The main problem with this is that it might tear the world apart. The heroes then set out to undo the sorrows of the emperor to stop him. Along the way, each of the heroes has to come to terms with their own past as they return home.

Check out the interview for full descriptions of the game's four original classes and the two new ones: the Lancer and the Tragedian.

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