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Mount & Blade Upgrades to 0.621

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Mount & Blade Upgrades to 0.621

Game News - posted by Exitium on Wed 20 April 2005, 21:53:46

Tags: Mount & Blade; TaleWorlds

TaleWorld's medieval themed RPG, Mount & Blade, has patched up to 0.621 and is available for download.

Full version

Upgrade patch

What's new?
Change Log:
Fixed the sound coming in reverse from speakers.
Added secondary upgrade option to some troops.
Fixed the "Take message to Lord of Zendar" bug.
Fixed facing directions of NPCs and Player in tournaments and towns.
Fixed blocking exploit by pressing LMB and RMB simultaneously.
Added horse armor to horse description
Lame horses now heal with time. Healing time is shortened by party's wound treatment skill level
lance is couched at lower speed.
Added max_framerate configuration option (default 300)
Pressing configure button in the launcher window now opens rgl_config.txt for editing.
Added "allow quit without saving" option.
Added a 10% damage and speed penalty to using polearms with a shield.
Reduced attack speed of lances and some other polearms.
Enemies shouldn't merge into each other anymore.
Added effects for spirited and heavy horses
Parties shouldn't spawn on water anymore.
Fixed excessive rewards for army supply quests
Fixed mouse pointer disappearing.
Added Combat speed option
Added Difficulty Rating to Options screen.
Fixed no army wage with Swadians bug.
Player can switch sides now.
Thrown weapons now stack like other ranged weapons.
Horses now deal damage correctly when they hit footmen
Changed "limp" horse modifier to "lame"
You can now wield a shield together with a thrown weapon
Missiles get stuck on shields and horses.
Added new item types: throwing knifes, throwing axes, stones, bodkin arrows, barbed arrows, great lance, jousting lance
Player can now pay the bandits instead of fighting.
Fixes to archer and horse-archer AI
Improvements and fixes to some dialogs

Thanks wesleyclark

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