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Support Nazism by Supporting Grimoire

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Support Nazism by Supporting Grimoire

Game News - posted by Sol Invictus on Tue 5 July 2005, 02:02:41

Tags: Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar

If you're not already looking forward to Cleve Blakemore's magnum opus, here's a good reason to get you interested, especially if you're English:
I don't know what the little brit subhumans are complaining about anyway, all they are doing is wailing inside their stables and waking up the other animals inside the barn because they are grieving about their masters making human jigsaw puzzles out of the dead remains of their children. All the countries involved in the european union have been moving towards this chop-n-shop-by-default for the bodies of their domesticated livestock for some time. After surrendering their arms, their freedom of speech and every right they have in the name of "security," a brit subhuman has long since lost any right to even grieve over his own children. He has surrendered his rights in the interest of "more security," and like the Renaissance genius Ben Franklin pointed out, any anal savaging that follows is exactly what the pitiful little BBC watching sunken-chested girly-boy Brits had coming. You're a stupid people, doomed to learn lessons from the past history of mankind the hard way and your tortured screams of unspeakable horror are like music to my ears because at least you are learning something however useless it may be to you at this point.

Remember, in the New World Order, nobody will sell you a permit to scream.

Stop your bleating, go back to your dingy little flats and plop down in your narrow tiny living rooms on rented government space and watch your interesting and engaging BBC shows on various aspects of multicultural progress in your society. Like the main character in "Brazil," the only place you can truly escape to is inside your own mind, so strive for insanity every waking moment and a flight into a pleasant fantasy world where Harry Tuttle descends on his rappelling wire with his freedom fighters (in the fantasy, Harry didn't surrender his guns like you did) and rescues you from the hideously evil all-powerful government. But forget about your kids because in Britain they were destined for dogfood the second they lost a pulse. Being an American I tend to regard those who approve of arms confiscation as mere animals and far less than human so I can't really sympathize with you.

What were you thinking of trying to reproduce yourselves, anyway? Children are for humans with a future and you have none. Please stop carrying out these dry natural rituals with no significance to barnyard property like yourself. "No sex please, we're British!" I don't think I could even GET an erection for a British girl, the shriveled-up little socialist slaves put me off that much. Liz Hurley makes me feel ill to look at, a dried-up pencil-thin socialist photo op? Yuck, she is disgusting like all British women. They're horrid lanky, stringy horses (dole diets) with atypical bad British teeth. How about you go and have a nice thick vanilla milkshake you friggin' commie hags.

- Cleve Blakemore (racist), Jan 31st 2001

Here's even more reason to buy Grimoire if you're Australian:
I said it before, now I'm saying it again - the Australian is weak. He's bad stock. His mind is weak, he is feeble emotionally, he lacks conviction or passion ... everything about him reads EXACTLY like those court decisions handed down from Britain centuries ago describing the reasons a man should be deported to Australia. He has trouble thinking clearly. His mind doesn't function very quickly or very accurately. Aside from drunken brawls with his mates, he would never think to challenge authority or assert himself, he is passive by nature. He's a broken man, like a penal convict. He's broken spirited with all that implies.

They've been socialist (like all intellectually inferior peoples) for a century - Australia's status as a "Free" country was always a token label, they were included in the lists of democratic nations more out of pity than respect. This has all been coming for a long time. They were destined for totalitarianism, it has just taken a couple of years to warm up. These men were never strong or hardy enough after the ravages of WWII to front any opposition to a parental government. They just don't have enough spunk or fight in them. They barely even have a military of their own to speak of, they generally rely on the graces of nations with nuclear weapons to protect themselves, like drunken bums who panhandle the international community for security handouts.

They gave up their guns without so much as a whimper, they bent over like bitches the second the government said so. They have had serious censorship and government controls for a decade or so without a complaint of any real magnitude. They just aren't Chuck Yeager - they don't have the "right" stuff anymore.

Before WWII, you still had plenty of pioneers and freemen ... most of the good ones died in the war, leaving the ratfaced finks and quasi- commie labor scum behind. There just aren't enough good ones left to mount a defense against the complacent and cowardly mob who are desperate to sacrifice all their freedoms for the government's "protection." The vicious cycle of dependency right down the socialist toilet has been swirling for a long time in Oz.

I was at the protest on Friday ... it was pathetic. A couple of greenies, some students who would turn out to protest a change in the weather and a bunch of hippie herbal dope smokers and grunge bands. The Australians had a chance to show their true colors on May 28th and they showed them alright - YELLOW.

The truth is, they are a bunch of mental defectives - give 'em a footy match and some peanuts, they'd let bureaucrats fuck their daughters for a sports jersey and see them sold off into white slavery, they wouldn't care one way or another. Sitting on their pub stools drinking their Foster's and yanking pokey machine handles to waste their pension checks from their all powerful mother and father, the State ... they're really fugging pathetic creatures. I'm not sure Australians actually qualify as human beings."

- Cleve Blakemore

Nazi sympathizers FTW!

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