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Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar

Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar

There are 31 articles associated with this tag:

18-Mar-2021 [Game News] Cleve Blakemore's Upcoming RPGs: Post-Atomic, Vaxxination, Cyclopean Chasms
12-Dec-2019 [Game News] Grimoire now available on GOG
25-Jan-2019 [Game News] Grimoire now has a Manual
24-Dec-2018 [Game News] Grimoire Version 2 is actually out
21-Oct-2018 [Codex Review] RPG Codex Review: Grimoire - The Real Official Review
24-Aug-2018 [Game News] Grimoire will also get cheaper if enough people wishlist it
21-Aug-2017 [Codex Review] RPG Codex Review: Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar
4-Aug-2017 [Game News] GOLDEN BABY RISING - Grimoire Released!
29-Mar-2017 [Game News] Vote For Grimoire On Steam Greenlight
26-Sep-2014 [Community] Another Day, Another Codex Lawsuit
20-Sep-2014 [People News] GrimoireGate: Cleve Blakemore in trademark dispute with impostor Grimoire
31-May-2014 [Game News] Grimoire delayed. For one final time?
2-Nov-2013 [Game News] The Golden Baby Is Back: Grimoire Superdemo Released!
3-Apr-2013 [Game News] Grimoire: Updated My Demo (should run on Win 7 x64 now)
19-Feb-2013 [Game News] The Golden Baby Flaps Its Wings: Grimoire Demo Released!
7-Dec-2012 [Community] Codex Server Drive + Win a Wasteland 2 NPC, Weapon or Location!
13-Nov-2012 [Community] A Codexian Fund-raiser
5-Nov-2012 [Development Info] Grimoire Video Update
28-Oct-2012 [Interview] RPG Codex Interview: Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar
14-Oct-2012 [Information] You Will Believe a Golden Baby Can Fly: Grimoire on Indiegogo
5-May-2011 [Game News] Grimoire Updates
11-Dec-2010 [Development Info] Grimoire - Better than Anything Else Out There
5-Jul-2010 [Game News] Grimoire to be Released this Fall
30-Mar-2010 [Game News] Grimoire to be released tomorrow
8-Aug-2009 [Game News] Cleve Blakemore gives up on Grimoire. Decides to kill self.
6-Jul-2005 [None] Cleve Blakemore Foams At The Mouth
5-Jul-2005 [None] Cleve Blakemore accuses the RPG Codex of bandwidth leeching
5-Jul-2005 [Game News] Support Nazism by Supporting Grimoire
14-Jun-2005 [Game News] Grimoire Beta Begins But So Fucking What
9-Sep-2004 [Preview] Grimoire preview at RPGDot
26-Jul-2004 [Preview] Grimoire preview like thingy at RPGDot

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