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Cleve Blakemore Foams At The Mouth

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Cleve Blakemore Foams At The Mouth

None - posted by Sol Invictus on Wed 6 July 2005, 03:13:02

Tags: Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar

In response to yesterday's news posts, Cleve has posted a 'rebuttal', which consists of very little substance, and a whole lot of bullshit and fabrications that further reveal Cleve Blakemore, antisocial racist and self-proclaimed ubermensch, as the pathological bullshitter that he is. Here's his news post. Try to spot the bullshit he's made up (colored in red):
I went over to RPGCodex to see if they had taken the link down to the product backend and I read some news posts by some idiot over there that made me laugh so hard I had tears coming to my eyes.

The guy was claiming I was a known supporter of neonazi organizations, that I was close personal friends with Jeffrey Dahmer and that I may have been implicated in the Hindenburg disaster. He was just posting one wild accusation after another, each more incredible than the previous one - to back up his claims he posted some quotes from me saying Aussies were lazy, Brits were socialists and Canadians were losers.

Take note to how he doesn't deny the last part. It isn't in him to refute all the things he's said throughout the years, I suppose. I'm sure that in his insignificant little mind, he still believes those words to be true.

Technically, there is some awesomely libelous print over there on RPGCodex. At different points this little twit connected me with "Stormfront," (I think I've heard of it) and the "Aryan Alliance," (what the hell is that?) or some such madness. I couldn't believe the stuff this guy was making up. He suggested I may have actually been photographed in a group portrait with Dr. Evil and Mini-Me at the International Super-Villain convention in San Francisco last summer. It was wild stuff.

I banned this guy from the forum about a year ago because frankly, he was one creepy dude. He creeped out everybody he came into contact with, cursed, poured text onto the board from his cut'n'paste buffer, six pages at a time. You'll notice his signature on RPGCODEX is actually instructions to teenagers on how to properly commit suicide with a razor blade. These are the kinds of people your parents warned you about on the Internet. RPGCODEX seems to draw these people the way a cow paddock draws flies. They're all over there.

1) You've confused me with Fez, but in your defense I suppose we subhumans are all the same to you.
2) Neither of us posted on your forum, ever.

There isn't anything ever said or written by me that could support the whacky claims made about me by the nuts over there. RPGCodex is for people who will never make more than $12,000 a year, collect Pez dispensers, spend hours learning to speak Klingon and are likely to die unwept in a government subsidized flophouse somewhere from Type A diabetes and rickets. Mentally we're talking people with an average intellectual age of around seven.*

*Libelous remarks.

Cleve, we're not the ones living in a bunker due to fear of the upcoming global race war. We're not the ones who've been developing a fantasy game for the past 11 years with little to show of our efforts. We're not the one of the most poorly regarded game developers in existence, by co-workers, associates and almost anyone whom we've ever come into contact with. In short, we're not like you, Cleve Blakemore. We're better than you, and you better show us some respect.

The last political organization I gave money to was Greenpeace, about twenty years ago. I have been non-political since that time and have not actually voted in an election in any Western nation in more than twenty five years.

Besides the obvious bullshit, this begs the question as to which Eastern nation allowed you to take the vote.

About four years ago, asked me if they could reprint one of my forum posts about the effects that Mexicans were having on health care in California. I told them no because I never like any of my stuff used by political people, ever. I'm so far past any of that stuff I can't tell you.

You can't tell us because you're a bullshitter. Need I remind you that you referred to Mexicans as "burrito primates"?

A guy who builds a 400 square meter underground blast shelter is way, way past politics, kids. When you're a grownup you'll understand. Somebody like that would be so far past the point of believing they could change anything for the better they would have withdrawn completely from the marketplace of ideas altogether. They would have opted completely out of the monkeys-in-manpants exchanges once and for all.

Oh yes, I'm sure all of those active militiamen in North America and the counterinsurgents in South America are "way, way past politics". Don't forget Osama bin Laden, either. Right, I'm sure he's "way, way past politics", bearing that he lives in a bunker, he must be. It's only logical because the Blakemore says so. Instead of hiding like a coward in your bunker and whining about the state of mankind, you should try doing something about it.

Occasionally sitting on a fencepost on a forum somewhere and throwing barbs at all the tender naive rubes going by has never failed to amuse me. I do it sometimes not because I think I can change anything, but perhaps for the same reasons that farmers sometimes sit out in lawn chairs and watch the lemming stampedes headed for the cliff. It's funny. Laughing is important.* I never failed to find the humor in anything, ever, because I really enjoy taking the wind out of bogus things. If you asked me, if I think I know something that others don't, would I have a responsibility to tell them? I'd ask you, would I have this responsibility if I knew in advance they would not listen? That's why I am an absolutely apolitical human being.

*Cleve Blakemore found the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 "funny", because laughing is important. If it can't be helped, why cry about it, right? No. Only in the minds of fucked up people could anything like that ever be funny.

When I was in Sydney a couple of years back, I was at the survivalist convention down there looking for good deals on gas masks in quantity to resell up this way in Brisbane. There was a guy running a nazi militaria table who told me Hitler was a "great man." I asked him if he was such a great man, how come he was never able to get and hold down a day job in his entire adult life? How come he had never kissed a girl? I asked him if he was so great, why did the German Army have to send two soldiers to Britain to pull him off his brother Aleph's couch where he went to hide from the draft in WWI? If he was such a great man, why did his fellow bums at the Mannheim Men's shelter pay money to purchase bunks far enough away from Adolph that they didn't have to smell him?

Anyway, I had a crowd of those really funny nazi militaria guys gathered around me a few minutes later, they were all screaming I was a "bolshevist" and probably a "pinko communist bastard." They wanted to know who "put me up to it," if I was a "crypto-zionist" sent over to wreck their little booth of gay Nazi militaria.

Do you smell something? Well what do you know, it's the smell of fresh bullshit. If you'll bother to look up Cleve Blakemore's posts on USENET and QuarterToThree, which made him quite popular, I'll remind you, you'll take note that Cleve Blakemore was usually the only person spouting such wonderful terms as the ones he put in quotes. Need I remind Blakemore that the last time he postponed Grimoire* it was due to some imagined oppression by the "ZOG controlled media", or Zionists.

*Grimoire is an 11 year old piece of bullshit.

Listen to what I'm going to tell you. When you're as bright as I am, you have to appreciate - seriously, I'm not kidding - nearly ANYTHING that COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH can send ordinary humans into a raging, frothing mad frenzy, honestly. I can walk out of my front porch, shield my eyes from the morning sun and say it looks like rain. In less than thirty seconds, an angry mob with a roll of rope will have gathered, calling for my death as a service to the nation. No, I'm not kidding.

I hate to break it to you, but there's nothing libelous about the truth of Cleve Blakemore. You're about as bright as a burnt out light bulb.

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