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Vote For Grimoire On Steam Greenlight

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Vote For Grimoire On Steam Greenlight

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 29 March 2017, 18:49:56

Tags: Golden Era Games; Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar

It's been years since we last posted about Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar, Cleve Blakemore's mythical vaporware magnum opus. The last time was in 2014, during the GrimoireGate Saga which found Cleve embroiled in a trademark dispute with the developers of an impostor Grimoire. That saga ended up going pretty much nowhere. The impostor Grimoire was eventually released and quickly swank in Steam's shovelware swamp, never to be heard from again. Development on the real Grimoire went on, and on and on. Issues turned into fractions of issues turned into micro-issues turned into fractions of micro-issues. When it became clear that there was no end in sight, even Cleve's most loyal supporters began to abandon him. His thread was banished to the depths of Prosperland and he became an object of scorn and mockery.

That was the state of affairs until recently. In the last few weeks, however, things have started to change. Rumors of an impending Grimoire release have once again been swirling. None of us believed, but then Cleve came out with this trailer. And then another one. And then, just like that, Grimoire showed up on Steam Greenlight today with an eye towards an "early 2017" release:

Cleve says:

The plan is to release it on Steam and let it percolate for a while. Tweak it in response to feedback and add improvements not present in it initially, like new graphics and gui widgets here and there.

Once it has seasoned like a fine wine and brought much happiness, a new release on GOG with all new map areas, enhanced gameplay and features as the "El Maximo Food Of Champions" Grimoire.

No matter what happens, only the IndieGoGo backers will get those particular limited editions sets physical media. No further printing of those materials will ever happen again once they are shipped out to backers.
So there you have it. This Greenlight campaign is now standing between us and the release of Grimoire. Whether or not you believe the game will ever actually come out, please vote so that Cleve doesn't have any more excuses to delay it. Tell all of your friends and your enemies to vote for it too. Because I don't see him shelling out $5000 if Valve shut down Greenlight before the game makes it through...

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Because why not

TARGET: $2,000 USD

RAISED: $1,179.79 USD (58%)

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