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Mage Knight Apocalypse Q&A at TVG

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Mage Knight Apocalypse Q&A at TVG

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 31 October 2005, 20:58:48

Tags: Bandai Namco Entertainment; Mage Knight: Apocalypse

TVG has posted a very informative 5-page Mage Knight Apocalypse <a href=http://www.totalvideogames.com/articles/Mage_Knight_Apocalypse_Q&A_Feature_8769_5219_0_0_0_0_20.htm>interview[/url]. It turns out the game is being developed by a Taiwanese team and that tells you right here that the publisher is very concerned about quality of the game.

The pace of the game is akin to games like Diablo and our top goal was to make a serious RPG and strip away all the things that slow you down. ... the main focus of the game is getting you out there to tear through hordes of enemies and take down big bosses...​
Soon RPGs would evolve into fighting games, and we would be back from where we started.

With the skill system, we really like the notion that you develop your character over time and the choices you make determine how your character plays. We removed the layer seen in previous action RPGs whereby you distribute points to various statistics and abilities and came up with a more natural progression. We call it ACD, or adaptive character development, and it basically means that what you do defines what you will become. If you swing a heavy sword a lot we will reward you with more strength and stamina as well as more advanced sword proficiencies and abilities. If you cast a lot of fire spells we will grant you better mana regeneration and more powerful fire skills. We start the player with a broad range of abilities, and depending on which ones the player focuses on, they will begin to develop that skill tree and become more proficient in that discipline.​
Why don't you call it DSR, or Dungeon Siege Rip-Off? Just a thought.

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