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Siege a town and get your own Castle

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Siege a town and get your own Castle

Development Info - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 13 February 2006, 11:57:54

Tags: Armagan; Mount & Blade; TaleWorlds

The next version of Action-RPG Mount & Blade is out and according to the feedback, it's a doozy:
Alright. As we all know there are now sieges in the game. But has anyone tried entering a castle after you have completed the siege? I did. And lo and behold:

"Inspect the Castle"
"Station Troops"
"Rest until Morning"

So, of course I stationed some troops and then inspected the castle. The troops were all there on their respective positions. I left, rested until morning, and moved on to pillaging. But I saw something as I left:

"Collum Keep"
4 Vaegir Marksmen
2 Vaigir Knights
"Player Faction"

It was not an Outlaw keep but a PLAYER keep. It was MY keep. So, later on I returned only to find it... UNDER ATTACK!

The NPC Swadians were attacking my keep because it registered as MINE and I was Vaegir. So, I loaded up and went over to save my keep. What followed was a replay of Gandalf reinforcing Helm's Deep.

So go relive your LOTR dreams. Note that version 0.730 is not yet tested throughly and may have bugs / stability problems. If you're still game to try a bit of castle sieging though, you can download Mount & Blade here. There's also the old and stable 0.711 version for those who are risk averse.

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It's a turn-based RPG thing on KickStarter.


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