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Dragon's Breath forge interviews Inon Zur

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Dragon's Breath forge interviews Inon Zur

Interview - posted by Ibbz on Mon 18 November 2002, 15:24:48

Tags: Icewind Dale 2; Inon Zur

Dragon's Breath forge has conducted an interview with Inon Zur, the man behind the music featured in IWD2 and aswell as the upcoming Lionheart. Here's a piece:

- What was your background as a gamer, if any?
I almost don't have any background as an avid gamer, although I was always attracted to video games. I just never find the time and I appreciate whoever can find the time to play these games I composed music for. I think that games are a really great form of entertainment. I came from the movie/TV area and the reason why I was attracted to games was that here you are not locked to a picture so the composition is more pure music oriented rather than picture dictated. Nevertheless I feel that my dramatic skills I developed throughout the years of composing to moving picture and my experience as a film composer are definitely a big help in composing for games. I have learnt how to create the right mood and dramatic effects and it works great in games.
Of course, you could always read RPGCodex's interview if you want more information about the creator of IWD2's music.
Spotted at RPGDot.

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