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Darkstar One purdy good to Boomtown

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Darkstar One purdy good to Boomtown

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 24 July 2006, 06:54:08

Tags: Darkstar One

There's a review of Darkstar One on Boomtown. While they acknowledge the RPG limitations of the game, and say it's a decent game that falls a bit short, the score is an even 8/10.

So begins your journey as captain of the Darkstar One, on the trail of your father's murderer and to strike it rich in whichever trade you choose to follow. The ship is rather funky, which is just as well as you're stuck together for the whole game rather than being able to trade in once you've earned more cash. The game works like an RPG but with the ship levelling up rather than the player. Your tasked with finding strange alien artefacts to upgrade the Darkstar One. Here you can upgrade the engines, wings or hull - changing the equipment you can buy and fit to the craft.​
It's kind of interesting to have a ship that modifies itself based on how you want to play as opposed to just buying a ship that suits you, but doesn't that kind of screw you if you change your mind later on? If you decide freight hauling isn't for you in most games, you can just buy a fighting ship. I'm not sure you can really do that in this.

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