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New Age of Decadence interview -- Vince D. Weller still at large

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New Age of Decadence interview -- Vince D. Weller still at large

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Thu 31 August 2006, 22:32:47

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence; Vince D. Weller

Vince D. Weller, known agent of the North Korean government and loud talker during movies, has done another interview about Iron Tower's upcoming comminazi brainwashing tool, Age of Decadence. Here's some more of his blatant holocaust denial propaganda:
GB: Each weapon will feature different types of attacks that may or may not be appropriate for certain situations. Can you elaborate on when a player might want to use a quick, power, or special attack with his or her weapon?

Vince: Fast attacks (less damage, “to hit” bonus, -1AP) are a good way to deal with fast, light-armored opponents, Power attacks (more damage, “to hit” penalty, +1AP) are great against slow heavy-armored guys. Special attacks depend on your situation: whirlwind does wonders when you are surrounded, disarm and anti-shield attacks are self-explanatory, and aimed attacks target a body part of your choice knocking someone down, disarming, slowing down, etc.
That's the kind of half assed design that I really hate. Weller--if that is his real name--needs to understand that real RPGs only need two kinds of attack: left click to stab, and then hold right click for a power stab. That's real depth right there.

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