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Interplay reopens development with Jason Anderson on board

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Interplay reopens development with Jason Anderson on board

Company News - posted by Elwro on Wed 14 November 2007, 00:34:10

Tags: Interplay; Jason Anderson

Yes, it seems Herve Caen has done it again. According to Gamasutra, the company we really thought would die a long time ago, reopens in-house development, hiring Jason Anderson of Troika fame. (Not to forget, of course, that he worked on the first Fallout game, too.) Here's a funny snippet:

Publisher Interplay has announced its third quarter earnings, showing sales falling 86 percent year over year to just $47,000, a period CEO Herve Caen calls "an important milestone" in its "difficult turnaround," as it reopens in-house development and prepares to launch development of its Fallout MMO.

The company's quarterly sales are down sharply from the second quarter, where its sale of the Fallout brand to MMO developer Bethesda saw it take in $5.9 million, a yearly rise of 872 percent.

Caen? Anderson? Hysteric ambivalence ensues.

Head here to read the full story.
Spotted at: Gamasutra

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