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Deus Ex III announced

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Deus Ex III announced

Development Info - posted by Elwro on Tue 27 November 2007, 12:26:56

Tags: Deus Ex: Human Revolution; Eidos Montreal

After revealing its existence in an interview earlier this year, Eidos has finally announced the third part in the famous cyberpunk series. Shacknews reports:

The game is currently at an extremely early stage. General studio manager Stephane D'Astous told Gamasutra that the team just received approval for the title's proof of concept. The team will be allotted up to two years for development, suggesting the game is targeted for holiday 2009 release.​
Warren Spector is supposed not to be involved, as he prefers making games for Disney now.

A teaser of the game is available here, featuring - apart from the pathos which has been at the heart of the series since the original title - two signs labeled 'Augmented people enter from the back' and 'We do not welcome augmented people here'.

Also, check out the Eidos Montreal Studio Q&A at GamaSutra.

Thanks to: RK47, RPG Watch and baby arm!

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