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Taleworlds officially releases Mount&Blade .903

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Taleworlds officially releases Mount&Blade .903

None - posted by Nedrah on Thu 27 December 2007, 14:35:19

Tags: Armagan; Mount & Blade; TaleWorlds

The new version has been out in the games forums for a rather long while now. However, an official Homepage release usually means that the version is playable and mostly bug-fixed.

Version 0.903 changelog:
- Factions should no longer be at war with themselves.
- Shininess back on all armors. (A million thanks to Guspav who campaigned for this and provided fixes himself for previous versions!)
- Horse archers now dismount immediately when ordered.
- Increased chance of declaring wars.
- Various other fixes

Version 0.902 changelog:
- Pathfinding is no longer turned off when you click on an inaccessible location.
- NPC parties no longer follow an enemy without being able to catch it.
- Bandits now chase you normally
- Skill descriptions updated.
- Village improvements are now built faster.
- Leadership now reduces troop wages as advertised.
- Fixed bug with ordering to use blunt weapons.
- Fixed bug which could be causing the player party size inflating.
- Fixed bug where chargers would become invisible at long range.
- You can now rest in a village manor if you build it.
- Reading Persuasion book now correctly increases your persuasion skill.
- Fixed bug where village elder would get stripped off.
- Faction notes are now updated to reflect diplomatic changes.
- Quest for saving a village from bandits has been improved and made easier.
- If you decline a quest now, it won't be offered again that same day.
- Various fixes to scenes.
- You can now place bets in arena while watching.
- Fixed lots of text errors (special thanks to john259) Wink
- Up-to-date Spanish localization. (Many thanks to Ana and Spanish localization team!)
- Miscellaneous AI bug-fixes.
- Several other small fixes.​

To be honest, those changes are not what I would call revolutionary in terms of gameplay. The game seems to be quickly approaching version 1.0. Should they plan to do a "gold" release at 1.0, they still have to add some more actual gameplay on the strategic (worldmap) layer. Then again, mods like the excellent "The last days" did a good job at giving the game some purpose in some of the earlier versions.

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