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Avernum 5 Reviewed at RPG Watch

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Avernum 5 Reviewed at RPG Watch

Review - posted by baby arm on Thu 15 May 2008, 07:35:58

Tags: Avernum 5; Spiderweb Software

RPG Watch's Dhruin took at crack at Avernum V, finding it worthy of 4 out of 5 stars. One of the improvements noted over past Avernums is the reduction of pointless crap combat.

Speaking of encounters, Jeff Vogel spoke in interviews prior to release about trying to remove the “trash” combats – those generic fights that serve only to fill out the content. The Avernum series has always leaned towards lots of combat – and Avernum V is no exception – but it's obvious that a lot of effort has been put into reducing random encounters and beefing up quest-related sequences and boss fights. And boy, are some of them memorable – the Soultaker's Pit, for example, is one of the most insidious dungeons I've played in a long time; equal parts frustratingly difficult but satisfying to finish.​
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