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Hooked on Alpha Protocol

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Hooked on Alpha Protocol

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Thu 26 June 2008, 12:28:12

Tags: Alpha Protocol

Hooked Gamers have a preview up of Alpta Protocol. Mind you, I'm not sure if it's actually a preview or if they just syphoned content out of every other preview, whacked it together, added some wild speculation and called it content:
Do not forget that this is a RPG. Michael is a low-level agent at the beginning with considerably more training than John Doe, of course, but nowhere near the experience of James Bond. Using an attribute and skill system that I suspect draws heavily on the Fallout SPECIAL character development system, the player will be able to shape and mould Michael in a myriad of ways. Thereafter, performing different actions successfully will accrue Advancement Points which may be spent on any of ten different skills, each of which have ten slots. One such skill is improved reaction time which allows you to study a group of enemies, note their placement, then pop up in slow motion mode and place an amazing number of very accurate shots while the Bad Guys are still trying to figure out where all those shots are coming from. Depending on your personal preferences, you can develop Michael to be stealthy, a martial artist whirling dervish, and/or weapons wizard. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s better to be a specialist or a jack–bauer–of–all–trade.

Hopefully there'll be some EXTREME™ collar-grabbing action.

Spotted @ BluesNews

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