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The Greeks do Fallout

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The Greeks do Fallout

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 30 June 2008, 11:24:22

Tags: Fallout 3

Greek gaming site PC Master (don't bother visiting unless you can read Greek) have apparently done an interview / preview of Fallout 3. You can read the transcript over on Fallout terrorist - I wish they'd all die from a disease - website NMA. Here's a bit:

Q: Do you intend to create a Fallout 3 that will be...mod-friendly? In other words provide people with the toolset to experiment on?
Hines: We have not yet decided on this. Right now, we have not announced any plans for the tools issue. It takes time to perfect a toolset in order for it to be usable by players and so far we didn't have time, working on the game itself.

Q: There is a sensitive issue attracting the attention of many; the presence(or absence)of children as NPC's. The impact on game's rating is a given(especially if the player will be able to chop kiddies in half through critical hits). How are you handling that?
Hines: There are, in fact, children in the game. How we'll handle them on game is a matter we haven't concluded on yet.​
By the way, the game's supposed to come out on 1st October. That gives them 3 months to decide, assuming we don't include manufacturing and shipping time. Why does that give me the feeling the answer to both those questions is "No" and "You can't kill them"?

Spotted @ Brother None's Community Service Centre

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