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Leonard Boyarsky interviewed at GameSpy on Diablo 3

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Leonard Boyarsky interviewed at GameSpy on Diablo 3

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Thu 3 July 2008, 03:48:51

Tags: Diablo III; Leonard Boyarsky

Lead World Designer Leonard Boyarsky, of original Fallout and Troika fame, has been interviewed by GameSpy "about creating a rich world that many gamers will never see":

"I wasn't a hardcore Diablo fan before joining Blizzard," Boyarsky says as we begin talking. "I played them, of course, and I really liked them, but I usually like a lot more story depth in my games." According to Boyarsky, what drew him to the project was what he sees as the franchise's untapped potential for storytelling. "A lot of people are afraid that we're going to slow the gameplay down by enriching the story parts of the game. We're not doing that at all." The idea is to use some simple cinematic techniques such as dialogue rather than monologue to convey quest information and crafting richer backstories for the main characters that will be reflected in their artwork and the way they view the central action of the story.


"I often use other games as examples of why story is important, even in an action game," Boyarsky said. "Sadly few games really love to tell stories." He cites games like Half-Life and Half-Life 2 as examples of games that integrate stories into dialogue and environment without sacrificing any of their fast-paced action. "The word around the office is that Diablo III is 'action with a capital A'," he said. "Lately, though, it seems like people are looking for more story in genres that aren't necessarily known for being story-driven." This is what pushes Boyarsky on. "People are ready for us to take Diablo III to new places rather than make Diablo all over again."​
Innovation in something other than the perspective used by the graphics department? The mind boggles.

Spotted @ RPGWatch

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