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Immortal NPCs and no child killing in Fallout 3

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Immortal NPCs and no child killing in Fallout 3

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 8 July 2008, 13:44:14

Tags: Fallout 3

From the second fan interview:

2) Are children and otherwise non essential or non-quest related NPC's vulnerable or invulnerable to accidental or purposeful (deadly) harm? And how about quest essential people? Please elaborate as much as you can, especially on why you choose to do it that way.

You will not be able to be a child killer.​
That's where I lost interest. You can read the rest if you want.

In regards to essential NPCs, it works like Oblivion, in that when they "die" they get knocked "unconscious" and get up a little while later. It worked well in Oblivion, so we kept that system, as you can still attack everyone that you want, and get at least a small benefit (being able to avoid them while they are down). I will say that the number of essential characters is minute compared to Oblivion and we've gone to pretty big lengths to cover a lot of people's deaths, but sometimes that's just not possible.​
Okay, so I lied earlier. You'll remember they said the same thing about Oblivion too, with regard to keeping the numbers of immortals down (for the record, the game was full of them).

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