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RPGWatch interview on Eschalon: Book II

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RPGWatch interview on Eschalon: Book II

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 9 July 2008, 07:16:22

Tags: Eschalon: Book II

RPGWatch have done an interview with Thomas Riegsecker about Eschalon: Book II:

RPGWatch: One of the bullet-points in the announcement that caught my eye was the “cause and effect outcomes” you mention for many quests. What exactly does this mean and does it differ from how you approached Book I? I'm hoping this means more opportunities to make choices in how to resolve quests or how the result changes the direction of events – am I reading this right?

Thomas Riegsecker: You are correct. In Book II we’ll have more quests that branch based on player choices, and the effects of these choices will be more apparent. For example, helping one person may affect your standing with someone else, or completing certain quests may impact the game world in unforeseen ways. Overall, we just want to give the player a greater sense that their actions have real consequences.

RPGWatch: Speaking of “cause and effect”, there were times in Book I that I thought opportunities for deeper interaction and roleplaying were missed. For example, you can discover there is more to an NPC you meet in the first town than meets the eye – but you never get the opportunity to confront this NPC or use the information. Is this something you'd like to change?

Thomas Riegsecker: Certainly! There were missed opportunities in Book I that we simply overlooked during the development process. Call it a rookie mistake if you must. We are going to try our best to give the player additional options to deal with people and events as they wish. It’s a very complicated process to look at each quest and try to imagine every possible path a player may wish to take, but we do plan to improve upon this in Book II.​
Rookie overlooking indeed.

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