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Eschalon: Book II

Eschalon: Book II

There are 20 articles associated with this tag:

19-Aug-2013 [Review] Eschalon: Book II Review at Gamebanshee
29-Oct-2010 [Game News] Eschalon: Book II 1.05 Released
3-Sep-2010 [Game News] Eschalon: Book II: The Secret of Fathamurk
18-Aug-2010 [Review] Elwro's Eschalon 2 Evaluation
12-Jul-2010 [Interview] Interview With Basilisk Games
16-Jun-2010 [Review] Eschalon: Book II Reviewed by RPGWatch
26-May-2010 [Game News] Eschalon: Book II v1.03 released, plus Mac & Linux versions
18-May-2010 [Game News] Eschalon: Book 2 and Avernum 6 Updated
14-May-2010 [Interview] Eschalon: Book II - Not Just Clicking
12-May-2010 [Game News] Eschalon Book II Released for Windows
27-Apr-2010 [Game News] Eschalon Book II Release Date Announced
6-Mar-2010 [Development Info] Are you willing to suffer
22-Feb-2010 [Game News] Eschalon Book II footage
19-Jan-2010 [Game News] Eschalon: Book 2 gets the “internal beta testing”-treatment
24-Feb-2009 [Interview] New Eschalon: Book II Interview
10-Feb-2009 [None] A peek at Eschalon: Book II at RPG Vault
14-Jan-2009 [Editorial] Sneak a peek at Eschalon: Book II
9-Jul-2008 [Interview] RPGWatch interview on Eschalon: Book II
3-Jul-2008 [Game News] Eschalon: Book II Question of the Week
16-Jun-2008 [Interview] Food and Water in Eschalon: Book II

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