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Eschalon: Book II - Not Just Clicking

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Eschalon: Book II - Not Just Clicking

Interview - posted by Jason on Fri 14 May 2010, 18:09:42

Tags: Eschalon: Book II

The just released Eschalon: Book II is the subject of a Q&A session with Thomas Riegsecker at Tales of the Rampant Coyote.

Rampant Coyote:  Combat in Book I – well, for me – was often a bit more of a slug-fest interrupted by potion-drinking. Have you made any improvements to the combat system for the sequel?

Thomas Riegsecker: In keeping with old-school RPG tradition, combat tends to still be about exchanging blows with your enemy until one of you is drained of Hit Points, which is true for every RPG ever made. However, in Book II we’ve added a few elements to make this more strategic for players. You can now select your combat style, such as Power, Finesse, or Parry, which improves your ability to inflict damage, strike, or defend against various opponents. Numerous other factors such as weapon wear, weather, darkness and much more also factor in to combat, so you really need to do more than just click the mouse to be successful.​

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