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Interview With Basilisk Games

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Interview With Basilisk Games

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 12 July 2010, 22:00:32

Tags: Eschalon: Book II

Thomas Riegsecker of Basilisk Games gets interviewed by MishMashMagazine.

To be the lead on a project like this you're probably a huge fan of role-playing games. What's the one old-school RPG you have the fondest memories of, and why?
TR - The first RPG I ever played was Ultima 2 on an Atari 800 computer, back in 1983. That game just blew my mind with its size and scope. Up until this time Donkey Kong on the Coleco Vision was the pinnacle of gameplay for me. So yeah, Ultima 2 was certainly the catalyst for my future interests, and from there I went on to tackle the remaining Ultimas, the Might & Magics, Wizardys, Dungeon Master, and many more. Pretty much any computer RPG from this golden era is what still inspires me to this day.
Coincidentally you can save money by buying Eschalon Book II at Steam now.
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