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Sneak a peek at Eschalon: Book II

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Sneak a peek at Eschalon: Book II

Editorial - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 14 January 2009, 03:44:57

Tags: Eschalon: Book II

RPGVault have a peek at Eschalon Book II

Standing up to seven feet tall and weighing approximately 450 pound, the Mire Troll is an imposing creature that doesn't use weapons. Instead, it simply clubs opponents with its powerful fists. It also has a thick hide, an innate immunity to toxins, and a fascinating ability that makes it even more dangerous; it regenerates health while continuing to fight. Its sole known weakness is a fear of fire. Roughly a foot shorter, the Sentinel Stalk is topped by a cap with numerous barbs. These function as projectiles, allowing the plant to hunt. It absorbs nutrients as its fallen prey decomposes.
Gamers who have played pen and paper RPGs might recall that every Game Master seems to enforce his or her own set of sub-rules, for example whether or not to require that characters must eat during the adventure and therefore must carry a suitable supply of rations with them. With Book II, we've implemented a similar system of allowing a customizable set of rules that can be chosen before the start of each game. Each rule imposes a unique set of restrictions, allowing the players to make the adventure as challenging as they prefer. The tradeoff is that the more demanding they make it, the more the system will reward them with bonuses to the quality of random loot, additional experience points, and a higher rank at the end.​
There's a screenshot of the options including one where you can choose to use pre-determined seeds (avoid save / re-load on traps etc...).

Spotted @ GameBanshee

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