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Eschalon: Book II 1.05 Released

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Eschalon: Book II 1.05 Released

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 29 October 2010, 20:29:32

Tags: Eschalon: Book II

Basilisk Games released another update for Eschalon: Book II, this time the update contains the free expansion "The Secret of Fathamurk".

[Q] What is "The Secret of Fathamurk?"
[A] It is a new, high-level adventure for Eschalon: Book II which gives the game an additional 3-5 hours of gameplay.

[Q] Is it a seperate game?
[A] No, it's an extension of Eschalon: Book II. If you already have Eschalon: Book II, you'll be able to play The Secret of Fathamurk.

[Q] Ah, so it's another scheme by you wealthy, money-grubbing developers to get us to buy downloadable content, right?
[A] No, it is a <span style="text-decoration: underline;">free</span> extention to the game. You just need to own the original game Eschalon: Book II.

[Q] So I don't have to pay for it?
[A] Nope. We love you and this is our gift to you for being a customer. But if you really want to help us, please mention our games on your Twitter feed, or on your Facebook page, or your blog. Or if you've been playing Book II and you didn't actually buy it, please consider purchasing a copy now. Your support allows us to make make more games for you!
Here's a list of changes in 1.05.
Thanks to Jedi_Learner for pointing this out.

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