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Eschalon: Book 2 and Avernum 6 Updated

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Eschalon: Book 2 and Avernum 6 Updated

Game News - posted by Jason on Tue 18 May 2010, 22:58:50

Tags: Eschalon: Book II; Spiderweb Software

Eschalon: Book II at v1.02

Based on a great deal of feedback, we are happy to announce the availability of Eschalon: Book II version 1.02. It is a recommended update for everyone since there are a few notable bug fixes, however since there have been no “game breaking” bugs reported, this update is optional.

Here are the release notes, if you are interested: Version 1.02 Release Notes
Avernum 6 at v1.01

We have updated Avernum 6 for the Windows to v1.0.1. This update fixes several obscure bugs and a handful of typos. To upgrade, just download the demo and install it over your old copy of the game. Your saved games and registration will be unaffected.​

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