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7 Alpha Protocol Screens

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7 Alpha Protocol Screens

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 16 July 2008, 13:49:06

Tags: Alpha Protocol

The universe is working in mysterious ways and has aligned to make screenshot releases the in thing today. Here are seven Alpha Protocol ones, along with some text:
Alpha Protocol will be skill -- rather than level -- based, letting you choose between close combat techniques, marksmanship, and gadget proficiency for Michael to focus in. The game’s title refers to some sort of weapon that the forces of evil are trying to utilize for their own nefarious ends. There’s no word on what that weapon actually does, though.

Uhhh... No, the game's title refers to the "Alpha Protocol" which is some sort of sekkrit "Imah spai thats bin thrown out but im doin mah job anyway" thing.

Spotted @ The original RPGwatch.

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