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A Frog's-eye view of Fallout 3

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A Frog's-eye view of Fallout 3

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Thu 17 July 2008, 03:33:52

Tags: Fallout 3

French gaming website Gamekult have put up their perspective on Fallout 3. I can't read French so here's some translations courtesy of NMA and Seboss:

But the problem is that V.A.T.S seemed to be too efficient in the build we have played, in which one could easily defeat entire groups of enemies by using these "aimed shots" while the first person view condemned the player to a certain death. This impression partly comes from the lack of precision and agility of the FPS gameplay, which looks rather dull when compared to recent games of the same genre which have invaded the console market during the end of the last year. One can imagine that raising certain skills might improve that feeling while you shoot, but the heaviness of the character will certainly make us choose the slow motion carnage, despite the fact that it soon becomes very repetitive.


"The gigantic world promised by Bethesda Softworks looked actually quite narrow, with ceaseless and pretty long loadings once you get out of the vault, when you enter a town or when you enter a building. Even though the outside world we have had the opportunity to explore looked rather open at first sight, you get around the idea quickly without discovering anything really worth of interest. When you finally come across a derelict building that looks a bit interesting, you have to endure a long minute of loading before being able to eradicate its aggressive inhabitants. One might also want to notice that a pacific approach of the game was almost impossible during that fist hour of hands-on since we were a lot more the attacked than the aggressor."


Interactions with the local populace are very limited and are ripped right from the dialog system of Oblivion. Despite their total lack of expression and the robotic feel of their animation, the voice overs of the inhabitants of the local town are more convincing than the latest Elder Scrolls, a nice touch for player immersion. On the other hand, we'll note the near total disappearance of the unique art déco design that could be found in the previous Fallouts, to the profit of Mad Max like or Waterworld like design.​
Insert witty cynicism here and cue 3 pages of complaints!

Thanks Seboss!

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