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Alpha Protocol decisions, blandness and timers

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Alpha Protocol decisions, blandness and timers

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sun 20 July 2008, 11:18:57

Tags: Alpha Protocol

First up, GameSpy take a look at Alpha Protocol:
Our E3 demo began with Thorne in Moscow, being given an assignment by his handler to somehow get into the American Embassy to talk to a Russian diplomat who might have some information on his situation. The method Thorne uses to get in is completely up to the player. He may use his stealth skills to sneak by the U.S. Marines guarding the place, he can choose to go in gun ablazin', or he can just walk up to a guard and try to bluff his way in using verbal legerdemain. The key is that there really is no wrong choice, though different choices will have different consequences for Thorne. The larger point is that these are the kinds of decisions that will make the rookie Michael Thorne into super-spy Michael Thorne with an operating style and personality that's reflective of all the choices the player has made about him.

While IGN had this to day:
Then there are some special attacks that you can also queue up as well. One lets you basically go on a rampage with effectively unlimited ammunition, while another gives you a version of bullet time that lets you target three enemies in slow motion. It then kicks back to real-time, unleashing a fusillade of fire.

Frankly, the game looks like it was revealed a bit too early. The textures and art design looks more than a bit bland, and the character detail isn't up to par with current games. Hopefully Obsidian can polish things up, but it also has some time, since Alpha Protocol won't ship till next year.

IGN also talk about some kind "timer" which starts ticking when you need to make decisions and that you only have a handful of seconds to decide whether you want to talk to the guard or start shooting. It sounds a bit... forced.

Spotted @ RPGDot

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