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Differences between Alpha Protocol vs Mass Effect

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Differences between Alpha Protocol vs Mass Effect

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 26 July 2008, 08:38:00

Tags: Alpha Protocol

MTV Player talk about the differences between BioWare's Mass Effect and Obsidian's Alpha Protocol:
For one, “Alpha Protocol”’s dialogue tree, dubbed by Obsidian as the “Dialogue Stance System,” has timed responses. As players take on the role of super spy Michael Thorton, they will have control of Thorton’s reactions and interactions with other characters via the dialogue system. While there are a few options to choose from, including nice and aggressive responses, the player must choose quickly and carefully. Decide too slowly and your character will revert to saying something that suits the previous stance you selected. Also, non-player characters will not always react in the same way. Rucinski told me that conversations are “cinematic presentations,” and players won’t always have the same conversations. Players will also have a detailed chat log to refer to.

Instead of having a customizable character like Commander Shepard, “Alpha Protocol” has Thorton, who will remain himself throughout but with a variety of costumes — like combat armor, casual wear and tuxedos — as well as face paint, hats, glasses, hairstyles, etc. “The different armor allows for different abilities for different play styles, and people will react to what you’re wearing,” Rucinski told me. “You have to dress for the occasion.”

He also said that unlike “Mass Effect,” you’ll get at least 600 Achievement points “no matter what” for just completing the game the first time.

The differences are just simply amazing. Personally, if I was trying to come up with differences, I'd find something a little better than mentioning how many achievement points you get. There's also the wonderful line "But ultimately players aren’t really punished for the choices they make". I'll let you read it and decide if MTV understand what they're actually saying.

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