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Diablo 3 designer responds directly to the gritty fan art

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Diablo 3 designer responds directly to the gritty fan art

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 6 August 2008, 12:54:56

Tags: Diablo III

News about Diablo 3's art direction abounds but this one's a little different. MTV Player sat down with Jay Wilson and showed him all those fan-made grittier art designs for Diablo 3. Well, Jay spat back on what was wrong with the photoshopped fan attempts. Here's a bit:
#1 - Light Radius on Witch Doctor in Dungeon (Blizzard shot followed by fan-altered shot)

Jay Wilson, Designer of “Diablo III”: The key thing to remember here is that this has been Photoshopped. This isn’t created by the engine. Though it looks really cool, it’s almost impossible to do in a 3D engine because you can’t have lighting that smart and run on systems that are reasonable. If we could do that, we probably would in a few of the dungeons.

Now in terms of the actual texturing, this texturing, where they grayed out everything and it’s very flat and the monsters are all kind of a similar tone — that does not play well. It’s very boring to run through more than a couple of times, and it’s very difficult to tell creatures apart and pop them out of the environment. So those things don’t really work for us. A lot of the lighting stuff I think is very cool, but it’s also not very doable for us.


Thanks PlanHex!

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