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Successful sales = expansion + sequel for Drakensang

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Successful sales = expansion + sequel for Drakensang

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 27 August 2008, 12:00:05

Tags: Drakensang

RPGWatch summarised a few German articles about Drakensang:

The RATCON 2008 panel discussion about Drakensang proved to be quite fruitful. Drakensang's sales numbers are so convincing that both an add-on and a sequel are in the pipeline. Radon Labs is still in negotiations about the details. Work on DraSa 2 will be started when the add-on has shipped.​
Fans of patches are also in for a surprise:

Radon Labs plans to release several patches for Drakensang this year. The focus will be on further polishing and new content. NPC behaviour (especially reaction to pickpocketing), balancing, item placement, combat AI, enemy aggression, difficulty levels, more diverse traps, more NPCs, more monster types, better item descriptions, faster loot collection, etc. are on the list. They'll evaluate the whole thing and put as much as possible into patches.​
Enhanced Edition anyone? And why would you plan "several" patches? Pro-tip: If you're planning on buying the game now, don't. Wait until they release the patched version.

Spotted @ RPGWatch

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