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19-Dec-2011 [Review] Drakensang: Phileasson's Secret Review
14-May-2011 [Game News] Americans to Enjoy Drakensang: Dubious Pirates
4-May-2011 [Game News] Drakensang: Phileasson's Secret to Have English Release
13-Mar-2011 [Review] Jools' Drakensang Review
21-Jan-2011 [Review] Drakensang: The River of Time Review
12-Jan-2011 [Game News] Drakensang: The River of Time Available in NA
1-Sep-2010 [Game News] Drakensang: TRoT Published By Eidos [Unconfirmed]
23-Aug-2010 [Game News] Drakensang Phileasson's Secret Released
30-Jul-2010 [Game News] Drakensang 3 will be a Browser Game
1-Jun-2010 [Company News] Bigpoint Acquires Radon Labs
13-May-2010 [Company News] Radon Labs file for insolvency
11-May-2010 [Game News] Drakensang: The River of Time Trailer
22-Mar-2010 [Game News] Drakensang RoT Expansion Pack announced
15-Mar-2010 [Review] Drakensang RoT Review
10-Mar-2010 [Game News] Drakensang: The River of Time Video Footage
19-Feb-2010 [Game News] Drakensang: TRoT shipped
20-Aug-2009 [Game News] Betake yourself 23 years in Drakensang: Time River
10-Jun-2009 [Review] RPG Watch double teamed Drakensang
14-Apr-2009 [Game News] Fallout 3 still selling, as is Sims 2
8-Apr-2009 [Review] Drakensang has its oddities but is enjoyable
19-Mar-2009 [Review] GameBanshee reckon Drakensang is solid, but not great
25-Feb-2009 [Review] An easy recommendation for most fans of single player RPGs
23-Feb-2009 [Review] Drakensang: 'old school RPGers will go nuts'
18-Feb-2009 [Game News] Drakensang Prequel Announced
28-Jan-2009 [Preview] Drakensang preview @ GameZone
12-Dec-2008 [Game News] Drakensang English demo released
16-Oct-2008 [Game News] THQ Snags Drakensang
27-Aug-2008 [Game News] Successful sales = expansion + sequel for Drakensang
16-Aug-2008 [Preview] Drakensang Demo Impressions
8-Aug-2008 [Review] Drakensang German review round-up
19-Jul-2008 [Development Info] Drakensang goes gold
17-Nov-2007 [Preview] Let's not forget about Drakensang, mkay?
10-Nov-2007 [None] Release of Drakensang delayed to 2nd quarter of 2008
11-Sep-2007 [Preview] Drakensang preview at GamerNode
18-Jul-2007 [Game News] Drakensang update
8-Nov-2006 [Interview] Our Drakensang interview
8-Nov-2006 [Interview] Drakensang interview
26-Sep-2006 [Interview] Drakensang interview at CRPG.ru
13-Jul-2006 [Interview] Frightening Drakensang interview at RPG Vault
6-Jun-2006 [Interview] Drakensang interview at RPG Dot
21-Apr-2006 [Game News] Realms of Arkania 4 confirmed

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