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Drakensang has its oddities but is enjoyable

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Drakensang has its oddities but is enjoyable

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 8 April 2009, 07:22:37

Tags: Drakensang

GameSNAFU review Drakensang. Initiate highlight-copy-paste procedure:

Most RPG gamers are probably not that interested in having the latest and greatest graphics. Game play, depth and story are often far more important. But good graphics can make games more enjoyable and immersive provided they are done properly and don't cause performance issues. In Drakensang the graphics are absolutely perfect and strike a great balance between looks and performance.
Just a few minutes after starting the game the character is introduced to his or her first party member. The game allows you to form a party of up to 4 people. Your characters will automatically attack foes if they are not assigned to a specific target which means you don't have to baby sit your party at all times.​
Yes, real-time combat is much more strategic like that.

After combat is over your characters will automatically regain their health over time​

If your character and the rest of your party perish in battle it will be game over and you are forced to re-load a previous save game. This harsh death penalty​
He goes on to make a reasonable point but I wanted to end that sentence there.

Spotted @ RPGWatch

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