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Let's not forget about Drakensang, mkay?

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Let's not forget about Drakensang, mkay?

Preview - posted by Monolith on Sat 17 November 2007, 00:11:45

Tags: Drakensang

Brother None has posted a cautious preview of PnP based RPG The Dark Eye: Drakensang on Gamebanshee. It's based on his stay at the Drakensang booth at this years Games Convention and is basically a reminder that Drakensang might have the potential to be great - or just average.

Quite a lot of attention is being paid to the equipment system, which contains an expansive system of slots to allow you to equip the character however you see fit. The micro-management known from the originals is optional, which means heroes dying from an illness they picked up when travelling or walking their boots to a thread and being damaged by travelling on barefoot are pretty much out.
So...if it's out, where is the option?

The designers strike me as an honestly dedicated and intelligent lot. They don't have a whole lot of experience designing RPGs, having mostly made action and adventure games. But the DSA authors are known as a skilled lot, which promises a well-crafted plot for the game. I'm personally somewhat worried about their intention to cut down on dialogue, which might dampen the experience a lot.​
You can't get the good without the bad nowadays, huh? Good dialogue! Let's cut it, so the average ADHD kid will get past the tutorial.

I have a hard time getting excited about the game and Brother None's preview doesn't change that.

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