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Drakensang: 'old school RPGers will go nuts'

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Drakensang: 'old school RPGers will go nuts'

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 23 February 2009, 06:12:09

Tags: Drakensang

There's been an amazing dearth of reviews for Drakensang's English version even though it was apparently released a few weeks ago. Finally one has popped up at Games Examiner:

Drakensang also has a way of really pulling you into the adventure and giving you a sense of story. As you approach the inn, you'll overhear an amazon woman arguing with the inn keeper, and on your way to investigating the mystery of the dark forest, you'll come across two bandits carrying a chest and arguing about which of them should carry the chest next. These small details really breath some life into an old school RPG.
Combat is handled in a more strategic fashion than your normal run-of-the-mill action RPG. Instead of clicking constantly on the bad guys and blowing through the battle as quickly as possible, you'll find the game paused when you enter combat, giving you time to give orders to each of your party. Tapping the space bar unpauses the game and your characters will race into battle to carry out your will. From there, you can either switch to characters in real time and give them new orders, or pause the game and take your time.
While the graphics won't knock you over, old school RPGers will go nuts for the party-based tactical combat and the rich, detailed world that comes to life as you play the game. Don't let the low price tag of $29.99 fool you -- this game is a must buy for RPG fans who constantly find themselves saying "I remember back when...".​
Nothing about any choice or consequence.

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