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Drakensang preview @ GameZone

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Drakensang preview @ GameZone

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 28 January 2009, 01:24:13

Tags: Drakensang

Drakensang is still coming out in English. GameZone have a preview:

Drakensang was actually penned by long-time writers of the P&P games and it shows in the way the game moves along. You are cast in the role of a single adventurer, given a successive of missions. The idea is to put together a party (up to four), sally forth, upgrade and become a powerful force in the land.
The game is very much a D&D title with combat handled via computerized die rolls. In a fight, which is carried out in alternating rounds with a roll of the die determining the attack value, but before that is carried out, the opponent rolls to get a parry value. And all those rolls of the die take place behind the scenes; you don’t actually see what happens, just what the results are. A successful attack will have the hit points of the weapon offset by the armor rating to deduct points from the opponent’s vitality. If you receive more wounds than you can sustain, the game ends and you begin at the last save point. Fortunately, the game does have auto-saves to protect those who might not be on top of that element.
The pause button will also be your best friend.
The release date for Drakensang is mid-February and with a bit of additional polishing (yes, there were a few bugs in the build received) [...]​
I've always wanted a pause button for a friend.

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