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An easy recommendation for most fans of single player RPGs

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An easy recommendation for most fans of single player RPGs

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 25 February 2009, 03:47:07

Tags: Drakensang

... or so say IGN about Drakensang:

Yes, it's unfortunate that the basic ideas are somewhat generic but the real disappointment is that they're used in a generic way. A scholarly wizard who accidentally causes a catastrophe because he's too focused on his studies? Yep, that's here. How about an overconfident rogue who constantly has to talk himself out of complicated situations with women and legal authorities? That's here too. When he's finally arrested for the one crime that he didn't commit, it's like, okay, I get it.
On the plus side, the story itself is well written, much more so than is usually the case with translated games.
But players who want to fiddle with their character's values will be restricted to small shifts in skill focus for one of the existing archetypes. If you have a specific character in mind, you'll just have to find the template that fits it best.
Drakensang wins points with me by including a wide and varied party of adventures who will share your quest.
That, sadly, is where I think the game's combats sort of fell apart. The turn-based rounds are all going on under the hood, but the whole presentation of the game is geared towards letting those battles play out in real time. The trouble is that, to play the game with as much tactical advantage as possible, you've got to stop and start the action every few rounds just to make sure that your characters are all doing what they should be doing at any one time.​
What, a mainstream review that wants turn-based and non-generic fantasy elements? The game is now available on GamersGate.

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