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GameBanshee reckon Drakensang is solid, but not great

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GameBanshee reckon Drakensang is solid, but not great

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Thu 19 March 2009, 03:39:53

Tags: Drakensang

GameBanshee have a rather comprehensive five pager up about Drakensang:

Drakensang is a third-person, bird's eye view RPG that utilizes real-time with pause combat. In these elements, it basically follows the rough design set down by BioWare's D&D titles, so if you've played those, Drakensang will feel at least somewhat familiar.
Smaller European releases have a bad reputation when it comes to technical polish, but Drakensang is a pretty positive exception. It ran with refreshing stability on my rig, with only one consistent crash-causing bug I could find (it would crash whenever I tried to read the second page of a certain alchemic recipe). The only major annoyance I ran into was a quest-killing bug a ways into the game, which I could not recreate after reloading, leading me to believe it was a freak occurrence.
The biggest issue in interface is the fact that the game asks you to do a lot of walking. Not a problem by itself, except that your characters walk really, really slowly...
Solid world design helps keep your surroundings looking interesting. While Drakensang actually does appear to reuse art assets pretty extensively, it manages to keep this fact fairly well-hidden from casual inspection.​
Overall, they like. They've also set up information databases about the game with equipment and companion details among other things.

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