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Drakensang German review round-up

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Drakensang German review round-up

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 8 August 2008, 10:47:47

Tags: Drakensang

There are a bunch of reviews for Drakensang now popping up on various German websites. Here are a few, starting with Spiele:

In the game, the mouse and keyboard controlled hero rarely alone through the landscapes streak. As part of the extensive, multi-story align themselves with their own party several fighters. Overall, the player group of four people. There are summoned creatures and allies as a short-term temporary workers. As the comrades its own background story and have different strengths and weaknesses, one of the tasks of the player, his group situation together. It is also necessary because the fighting clearly tactical led, as it is an example of Gothic 3 knows her. It speaks the combat system also speaks more real role-players in action as a classical player. At any time should the conflict against bandits, wolves or dragon or other from the DSA universe known as nerve saws Tatzelwürmer, Oger, Gruftasseln and Dschinns pause and its heroes group instructions. They are sorely needed, because the artificial intelligence of allies is anything but high. Even when exploring the landscape, the crew at times like bridges or hang Steinvorsprüngen. Very bad, this is in narrow caves. Here fails then the slow reacting camera completely.​
Now a bit from lookee:

Drakensang offers the sloping role player a huge game world, but also sometimes too long foot marches Chen invites. If you're not in cities, it is the interaction also not very far away. This motivated the main story pregnant quest for hours, not only because of the thrilling action, but also because of a variety of mission objectives and the great atmosphere. Nebenher still provide countless missions for long Besides fun and highlight the motivational value of Drakensang it already owns with additional items and stories even further. The combat system is based on a complex set of The Black eye, but by white light to shine understanding and surrounded the whole package well. However, if you ausgeflippte great innovations in relation to the role-playing genre expected to be disappointed. Overall, Drakensang one of the best classic role-playing experience, for which the Genrefan decide.​
Ich bin maken uppen das German sie. You can get the full list of reviews from RPGWatch. Here's google translate. Have fun!

Spotted @ RPGWatch

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