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The Old-School Charm of Fallout 3

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The Old-School Charm of Fallout 3

Interview - posted by baby arm on Fri 5 September 2008, 07:04:08

Tags: Fallout 3

Gamasutra interviewed Emil Pagliarulo on the writing and design of Fallout 3.

My background is very much hardcore PC gamer guy. Now, I'm a big Xbox 360 player too, but I definitely still have those PC sensibilities, and those have definitely worked their way into Fallout 3.

You look at Fallout 3, there are a lot of old-school PC clues -- reading text, going into old computer screens. It's charming in a way. Old-school PC games have a lot of depth, and I think we definitely bring that.​
Read the full interview here.
Spotted at: Gamasutra

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