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Everything sucks... except Fallout 3!

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Everything sucks... except Fallout 3!

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 16 September 2008, 14:43:11

Tags: Fallout 3

There's a quality preview of Fallout 3 up at Xbox Focus. Here's a sampling of that quality:

No matter which way I slice it, I am knees-bent over Fallout 3. I cannot stop drooling over every Fallout 3 screenshot, video, and news releases that reaches me, and my addiction to any and all Fallout info can be compared to that of a cocaine addict's.

I account this to the fact that Fallout 3 is the "perfect storm" for a gamer like myself: longtime fan of Bethesda, lover of open-world games, and post-apocalyptic storylines are a personal fetish (I really enjoyed "I am Legend", even though I put into practice the same "everything is going to suck" policy for movies as I do video games). When you mix all of that gaming divinity together, and then toss a bunch of what can only be described as "Bioshock-esque controls" on top, you have a nominee for "Best Game of All-Fucking Time" in my opinion.

So what it is exactly that has me so excited about Fallout 3? While I could make this my first one-word column by jotting down the word "everything" and calling it a night, I'm pretty certain my readers want a bit more substance than that. So in light of that, here's a small list of particular aspects of the game that has me pulling out my pubic hair in anticipation (my crotch area is so red lately that I woke up yesterday morning believing I had herpes).

1. The backstory. According to the Fallout universe, sometime after McCain-Palin are voted into office in 2008...
2. Slooooow-moooootion death animations.
3. Liam Fucking Neeson is in it.
4. Stunning level design.
5. New and Innovative Health System.
6. Over 300 Different Endings.
7. Truly Interactive Weapons, AI, and More
8. October 28th isn't that far away...​
A few Fun Facts™ you might like to know.
1. That's the wrong backstory.
2. No comment.
3. Liam Neeson was in Star Wars Episode One and that didn't help that suck any less.
4. Might have a point.
5. Using the health system that was in Fallout 1 and 2 isn't really innovative and I'm pretty sure there's still a health bar.
6. Looks like somebody bought the hype.
7. Under this section he talks about the fact that when NPCs die, they don't respawn! Shocking. I got the same depth in Doom 2.
8. If only it were in a galaxy far, far away.

Thanks Dandelion!

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