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New community demanded features delay Hinterland

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New community demanded features delay Hinterland

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 22 September 2008, 13:35:59

Tags: Hinterland

Hinterland, that RPG/RTS combo thing, has been delayed a few weeks. Here's why:

Hinterland was on target to be released this Monday, the 22nd of September. However, we have decided to delay its release a week or two, so that we may implement some additional features and content to the game, many of which came from the excellent suggestions we've received from the community. We want to thank you all for your support and patience. We know this delay may be disappointing to some, but we're confident it will ultimately provide a better play experience for all.

Thank you,
Tilted Mill Team​
Delaying a game release for some polish? Good idea. A week or two for some extra features? Extra features can't be all that good or will be poorly implemented. Time will tell.

Spotted @ RPGWatch

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